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Matthijs Ruijter

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I have a state-of-the-art-recording set of high-quality, partly custom built recording and playback equipment. Suitable for recordings of mainly acoustic (a.o. classical, jazz, world) music in venues, churches and such.
A lean and mean in-house studio, acoustically treated. Equipped with B&W Nautilus speakers, Merging Technologies AD/DA converters, AVID control surface, exclusive vintage analogue outboard gear (Philips / Polygram), among others.
  • Amplification, specializing in (electro-) acoustic music: jazz / improv / classical. 
  • Conceptual Sound Design for performances, installations, music theater a.o.
  • Operating lights and video projections for concerts and events.
  • ‘Critical- and analytical listening for sound engineers and producers’.
  • ‘Postproduction for classical music recordings’.
  • ‘Communication for sound engineers and producers’.
  • ‘Professional practice preparation for sound engineers and producers’.


Microphones: DPA 4006-TL, Schoeps CMC5/CMC6 with MK4/MK2H/MK21/MK22 caps, MGefell M221 (Rens Heijnis mod, external 200V psu), M300 (Rens Heijnis mod, external 60V psu), Sennheiser MKH30, in-house built LDC mics with external 60V psu, nohype LRM-2b stereo set (ribbon), various dynamic microphones: Shure, Beyer Dynamic, Sennheiser
Interfaces / Preamps / AD-DA converters: Merging Technologies Hapi (with RAVENNA connection); Antelope Orion Studio rev.2017; RME Babyface; ifi iDSD Black Label
DAW: Pyramix Virutual Studio (Merging Technologies), Reaper
Control surface: AVID Artist Control
Outboard: Phlips vintage tube limiters (refurbished), Philips/Polygram 70’s parametric EQ
Plugins: FabFilter, Hofa (a.o. convolution reverb), iZotope (a.o. RX), Melda Productions, Arturia, …
Speakers: B&W Nautilus 805 with PV1D subwoofer

Matthijs Ruijter

I am an enthusiastic, creative and professional music engineer and recording producer.

In the mid-1990s, I completed my Bachelor studies Art of Sound at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. Having played classical clarinet since childhood, it was natural for me to choose the specialisation ‘classical recording technology’. However, my musical preferences have always been diverse and I developed a wide range of activities: recording and postproduction of classical music, live sound (with a focus on jazz and improv), sound design for contemporary music theatre, mastering, radio broadcasting, and audio postproduction for film/tv.

Already during my studies, I became a regular freelancer at the famous Philips Classics recording center. Shortly after its corporatisation (restarted as Polyhymina International) I joined Polyhymnia as co-owner, recording engineer, post-production engineer and, in due course, also studio manager/director. In this position I participated in a long list of internationally acclaimed classical music productions, including artist like Alfred Brendel, John Elliot Gardiner and Julia Fischer. During my engagement with Polyhymnia, the studio had an active advisory role for Philips Eindhoven in the development of the Super Audio CD. The knowledge and listening experience in the field of surround sound production and High-Resolution audio I gained during that period remains invaluable for me.

After being associated with Polyhymnia for eight years, I decided I wanted to take on new challenges as an independent entrepreneur, focusing on classical music production, live sound for contemporary/jazz ensembles, sound design for contemporary music theatre and teaching. From 2013 until 2022 I had the privilege to teach and guide students for the Art of Sound program (BoA and MoA) at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

In 2022, I moved to Vienna, where my post-production studio is located in the middle of the “Wienerwald”. However, I am still active in the Netherlands for various productions and live concerts (you can regularly find me doing live sound or lights at the famous Bimhuis jazz club in Amsterdam).

My work approach

When I think about what fascinates me most about this job, it will certainly not be the technique (In itself, I believe that the choice of equipment does influence the end result – that’s why you will find mostly top quality devices at the gear section of this website). Being able to work with inspiring musicians and/or musical material is already much more rewarding. But for me, the real excitement of this profession lies in participating in the creative process of a musical production, preferably from the very beginning. Trying to imagine the desired output, having a fruitful dialogue about it, experimenting together, understanding what an artist and project need to achieve the maximum of musical and sonic excitement…. In this spirit, I look forward to the next collaboration!


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