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To be released on December 1st: Dwaallicht by Rik Kuppen and Jelmer de Moed. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered.



Click here for a fascinating video clip, featuring a track from this album





June 2019: Recording Poulenc's Gloria with Koor Fenix and Oriel Singers in the beautiful Dominicus church, Amsterdam






May 2019: my new location recording equipment set in action! Capturing Schumann and Berg by Rik Kuppen and Jelmer de Moed in Hertz zaal at Tivoli Vredenburg, in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands








November 2018: Live sound at BIMHUIS in Amsterdam: Instant Composers Pool and Nieuw Amsterdams Peil improvising together 



Han Bennink





September 2018: live broadcast. My Baby unplugged on public radio show Kunststof at Desmet Studio's Amsterdam






 August 2018: 'Amsterdam Uitmarkt': light design and light engineering of 19 acts in one intense weekend! In BIMHUIS Amsterdam


Rembrandt Frerichs Trio


 Alex Simu, George Dimitriu





 August 2018: editing at Polyhymnia International in Baarn: Brahms IV by Paavo Järvi / Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen - CD release on RCA






 February 9, 2018: recording baroque ensemble L'Acheron for an exciting electronic music project by Marc Romboy and Tamar Halperin at studio Groenland in Hilversum






November 25 and 26 2017: recording and producing Dutch tangoduo Tangolicious for their first cd release at studio De Zwarte Molen in Amsterdam







 November 13 and 14 2017: guiding a recording project for the Art of Sound department of the Royal Conservatory, The Hague. Master students of the 'Ensemble Academy' record the second sextet of Steve Reich's Double Sextet. To be played against during a live performance on February 15 2017 at the Royal Conservatory

The 'Atrium', current rehearsal home of the Residentie Orkest, turns out to be an excellent recording venue!










August 26 / 27 2017 'Amsterdam Uitmarkt': light design and light engineering of 16 acts in BIMHUIS Amsterdam


Michael Moore, Jorrit Westerhof, Han Bennink





A large portion of my spring and summer of 2016 was dedicated to creating the sound design for the exceptional performance 'Huid'. In this musical and physical experience, theatre group Schweigman& hook up with percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag. Percussionists 'researching' the dancers of Schweigman& how to play them as an instrument. Making these sounds come to live for the audience was a real but exciting challenge! Touring until mid January 2017 in the Netherlands 






 Mastering: May / June 2016

Studio: BK Audio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Releases: CD, Digital Download 96k/24bit, Vinyl






recording team member (together with Guido Tichelman and Bastiaan Kuijt) for the ECM Kurtag recording project, september 2015






September 6, 2014 the Residentie Orkest (based in The Hague, The Netherlands) preformed

'Symphonic Junction: Residentie Orkest in 3D". An experimental concert to attract a young

Audience. Sections of the orchestra all over the hall, interpersed by a DJ, all amplified... we

ended up with about a hundred microphones.


The recording was a study project I supervised for Bachelor Students of the Royal Conservatory,

Art of Sound department. To be seen on public Dutch Television soon! 





DPA Microphone Rig. The 'glow in the dark' rope added tot the contemporary feel of the show




Conductor Nicholas Chollon on his 'rostrum'





Think Big Music TBM14021

Recording:  January 2014, Kleine Zaal Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

Producing: Guido Tichelman

Recording, mixing and mastering: Matthijs Ruijter

Recording assistance: Bastiaan Kuyt







CD recording 'Memento' - Remy van Kesteren.

Concertgebouw - Kleine Zaal, Amsterdam

januari 2014





Radio Play recording 'Tolstoi'

Producer / director: Kay Mastenbroek

Recording: Matthijs Ruijter at Desmet Studio's Amsterdam, october 2013